2008 in Review

Welcome to my fourth annual :scare: year in review :/scare: post.

This year, unlike previous years, my blog is less of a good record of the past 365 days. It’s a combination of being a lot busier due to the growth at Crowd Favorite, and working on more client projects that I can’t talk about as they happen the same way I can with things I’m building for myself.

This year was a year of many starts and few finishes. I have too many projects still in a state of “mostly working, not quite ready for release”. I’m pleased with the base that I’ve built in 2008, and I’m hoping that 2009 will see much of this work come to fruition.

For you statheads out there, I’ve continued the blog/site stats.1

Posts Avg. Length Total Length Comments (Mine)
2008 186 1,551 288,465 2,399 (151)
2007 404 1,478 597,200 3,613 (276)
2006 556 1,679 935,392 2,919 (442)
2005 457 1,457 665,849 2,436 (437)
2004 538 1,210 650,980 2,159 (486)
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