A Day in NY

This weekend’s trip to New York is primarily a chance for me to see a game at Yankee Stadium (Saturday) before they tear it down after the season. However, to book the flight using miles we had to fly in on Thursday instead of Friday, so we got a bonus day to spend doing the tourist bit.

We walked around a lot during the day, checking out a bunch of stuff including going up to the observation deck at the Empire State Building. We tried to swing through B&H Photo but forgot they’d be closed early on Friday (probably a good thing – avoided the temptation). Then back to the hotel for a quick siesta and then out again in the evening.

The evening was quite excellent. We had planned to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but decided to walk through Broadway first to see if we could get last minute tickets to a show.

The name and reviews for [Title of Show] caught my attention, and we were able to get seats for the performance that was starting in about an hour. It was really fantastic. I think I connected with it a little bit because I’ve done my share of creating things and trying to make them succeed. The writing was clever, the music was very pleasant and the performances were excellent. Highly recommended.

From there, it was time to eat again and we hopped in to Lucille’s1 – BB King’s (no relation) restaurant and music club. A blues band was just starting a set, and we were able to get a table near the stage. The music and food were excellent, and we stayed for a while enjoying both.

A very enjoyable evening, with both the show and restaurant exceeding expectations – always nice when that happens.

  1. Lucille is the name of BB King’s guitar. [back]