LoDo Conversations

A few friends and I have started recording a podcast: LoDo Conversations

LoDo Conversations Cover Art

LoDo is the “Lower Downtown” area of Denver, where we all work.

This may be the Seinfeld of podcasts; we meander around various topics. We’re going to sit and chat and discuss/debate tech news and issues and make snarky remarks and entertain ourselves – and maybe you find it entertaining as well.

The core group is:

We’ll be having guest appearances by other local folks as well. We were pleased to have international model Jay Graves joins us for Expisode 1.

Episode 0 had some issues with the audio being too quiet, but by the end of episiode 1 it looks like we’re in decent shape.

We’re having fun with it, so we plan to keep it going on at least a monthly basis. You can subscribe to the feed here. We welcome your glowing praise in the comments. 😉

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