Since I change out my laptop and mobile device every year or two, I’ve pretty much stopped buying accessories for them. I’ve got a basic laptop bag for daily use and backpack for travel that work with whatever laptop I’m using, and BlackBerries come with cases, etc. so I don’t buy custom cases, etc. like I used to.

There are two major exceptions to this.

  1. Invisible Shield – For every mobile device I’ve had in the last 3 years or so (including digital cameras), I’ve used an Invisible Shield screen protector. I just put one on my BlackBerry Tour – I actually didn’t feel comfortable using the device without it. I think the longest I’ve used one is 3 years, and they last just like they claim to – never had a problem with one.
  2. ShaggyMac Laptop Screen Protector – I got my first one of these when I got my black MacBook in 2006 and have had one for every laptop since. They prevent key marks from appearing on your laptop screen and fit and wear beautifully.

If you damage your screen, it’s going to drive you crazy using the device – at least it does for me. When I put in the order for a new device, I order one of these at the same time. Both are highly recommended.