Device vs. Network

A few weeks back I blogged about ditching AT&T. I got everything set up to make the move: a BlackBerry on Sprint and a T-mobile account to set up the iPhone on. I haven’t canceled my AT&T service yet though, and I’m now torn on whether I will or not.

I got the BlackBerry Bold about 9 months ago, but despite it’s large size it’s hands down the best BlackBerry I’ve used. The keyboard is fantastic, then processor is fast, and the leather back feels great. Unfortunately, since it’s on AT&T’s network, phone calls and network access are intermittent at best.

The BlackBerry Tour on Sprint (or Verizon) is not a terrible device, but it has serious flaws. It’s the size of the Curve, but without the great separated keys that the Curve has. The keyboard style is the same as the Bold, but with the smaller keys I find myself making typos on the Tour, something I very rarely do on the Bold. The processor on the Tour is really underpowered – when refreshing my friend’s timeline in TwitterBerry the entire device basically freezes.

BlackBerry Bold : BlackBerry Tour :: iPhone 3GS : iPhone (1st gen)

That said, being able to make phone calls and having real 3G speed with the Tour is quite nice.

So basically I’m torn between the network and the device. I went back to the Bold this past week after using the Tour for 2 weeks before that. I really liked using the Bold again but the network…

I’m using the Tour this weekend and plan to make a decision by the end of the weekend.