Twitter Tools and WordPress 2.9 – Working or Not?

A bunch of folks in the WordPress support forums appear to be having trouble with Twitter Tools with WordPress 2.9. It works as expected in my testing, the WordPress HelpCenter hasn’t been able to reproduce this either, and the works/broken voting on the plugin page is fairly evenly split.

I’d love to gather some explicit bug reports (this thing breaks here, this code on line X appears to fail, works with all other plugins turned off but not with plugin Y enabled as well, etc.) and/oor access (both WP admin and file editing) to an environment where this is :scare: breaking :/scare: consistently with WP 2.9 and previously worked with WP 2.8.x.

If you use Twitter Tools, could you take a moment to vote if it works for you with WordPress 2.9?1

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: Interesting – when I posted this the vote was 12 working vs. 17 broken. The current vote is now 31 working to 20 broken. So far since I posted this another 22 votes have been cast and 19 of them indicate it is working. This seems to be far from a widespread issue, which probably helps explain why no one I know can reproduce it.

  1. I realize that this type of call to action will by nature result in more unhapy voters (more “broken” votes) than otherwise – this is the nature of such things. [back]

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