WordPress HelpCenter Plugin Updated

I released a new version of our WordPress HelpCenter plugin last week in order to update information in it to reflect our expanded hours.

I realized that this might cause some concern for any of our affiliates. One of the things we offer to our affiliates is a customized version of the HelpCenter plugin that includes their affiliate code for referral tracking purposes. When folks who have this plugin install the new version (via auto-update, etc.), it will no longer have the affiliate code in it.

Not to worry, when we created the HelpCenter plugin we made sure we handled this scenario. The affiliate code is stored in the database for safe-keeping, and the code is properly displayed after the customized version of the plugin is replaced with the version without the affiliate code.

The WordPress HelpCenter plugin has three main features:

  1. It adds a tab to the WordPress admin to make it easy to contact the HelpCenter and/or request that the HelpCenter contact you.
  2. It adds a system profile page to your WordPress admin, and has a feature to send that information to the HelpCenter for support and troubleshooting purposes. The way the information is sent, the HelpCenter is able to see the current state of your system but is not given access to the admin pages of your WordPress install – the best of both worlds.
  3. Generate affiliate revenue for folks who distribute it with their affiliate code.

Questions about the HelpCenter plugin? Let me know and I’ll do my best to answer.

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