More GameTonight Metros

I’ve added a few more metro areas that were requested for GameTonight:

I hadn’t added Chicago initially because the venues for the various teams are not as close to each other as they are in Denver, Minneapolis, etc. However, people seemed to think this was a strange way of thinking (as evidenced by the requests for Chicago and LA), so I’m just going with it. 🙂

I am relying on feedback from people in different areas to provide feedback on needed changes, etc. for their areas. If you’d like to see your area added or think your metro isn’t working as it should, let me know.

I’ve also had a number of questions about my data sources. The answer: whatever looks like it gives useful data. I’ve actually designed the app so that each source can have it’s own data handler, so I’ve written custom handlers for some venues, and found solid standard data feeds for others.

I had initially added the Pepsi Center as a data source for Denver, but besides the sporting events I really only care about a handful of the events, typically larger concerts. This is a challenge with venues as data sources.

What would probably work well would be to have a volunteer in each metro area subscribe to a calendar for the venue and manually copy events of interest to a separate, curated calendar for that venue. This would obviously require someone to spend a 15 minutes a month curating the venue calendar, but if people are interested in helping out I’ll be happy to work with folks as needed to set it all up.

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