How to Enable an Eye-Fi Card on Canon Rebel T2i

I recently upgraded from a Canon 20D to a Canon Rebel T2i. One of fringe benefits was that the T2i takes SD cards instead of CF cards – meaning I can use an Eye-Fi card without an adapter. I’m a big fan of Eye-Fi cards – really of anything that makes data transfer easier.

I was having some trouble getting the new Eye-Fi card to work with the T2i, and after some time I found that there is a special Eye-Fi menu item in the camera settings (bottom item in first yellow/wrench settings screen). Eye-Fi support was disabled by default, I simply had to go in and enable it in the camera menu. Once I did that, everything was gravy.

Even better, the T2i1 has special Eye-Fi support that will keep the camera on while transfers are happening. Awesome.

I was surprised that the setting info wasn’t easier to find, so hopefully this post helps fix that.

  1. Along with the T1i and several other models. from what I understand. [back]