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With a little help on the wiring side, I managed to reconfigured our home network this week. Changes:

  • Configure DSL modem in bridge mode and set up router to handle the, um, routing.1
  • A hard line run through the wall from the office to the basement.
  • A gigabit switch set up in the basement.
  • Blu-Ray player (also does Netflix and Amazon streaming) hooked up to new switch.
  • ReadyNAS box configured and installed in basement, hooked up to new switch.
  • Set up sparse disk image on NAS for SuperDuper backups.
  • Music server enabled on NAS.

I’ve been putting off most of this for a long time, feels good to finally have it set up.

  1. Ran into the device limit supported by the modem’s built-in router. [back]

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