Battery Life = Fatal Flaw

I’ve switched back to the Droid 2 and plan to return my Droid Pro. I like the Droid Pro form factor better1, but even though it has the same model battery and I’ve triple checked that my settings are the same as the Droid 2, I get 2 real days of battery on the Droid 2 and can’t make it through a day on the Droid Pro.

I’m tired of fiddling to try to get it to work. I need to get a real day and a half of use from my mobile, especially when traveling. It’s a deal breaker.

Perhaps they will release a software update to the Pro that will help with whatever is killing the battery life; I’ll re-consider it then. I just hope that the Droid Pro is successful enough to show the Android hardware manufacturers that the form factor is worth pursuing in more devices.

  1. Keyboard shortcuts are pretty useless if the keyboard isn’t accessible. [back]