Carrington Build 1.1 & Carrington Business 1.1 Released

I’m very pleased to announce that we have released version 1.1 of Carrington Build and our Carrington Business theme for WordPress. Carrington Build is our drag and drop layout tool for WordPress themes, it is included in our Carrington Business theme.

Carrington Business 1.1

Carrington Build has been a great product for us. We’re building bigger and bigger sites with it, and we’ve seen it work just like we anticipated: we’ve given our clients the power to manage their own sites, including sophisticated design and layout changes.

We have made a bunch of improvements in Carrington Build since our 1.0 release. Here is a short list of some of the changes and enhancements in the new release:

  • Added a carousel module.
  • Created an extension framework to the WordPress revision system and implemented it in Build so that Build pages have all of their custom layout data saved within the WordPress revision system. This framework will actually be released as a public plugin soon on
  • Enhance the Loop module to support custom post types, taxonomies, etc. and add feature to allow it to be used in order to create multi-column lists of items.
  • WordPress 3.1 compatibility.
  • Lost of misc. changes and bug fixes.
  • We’ve posted our QA checklist for Build in our news release, in case you’re interested in seeing what we run through on every release candidate.

This is just a sampling, the full changelog (included in the download) is about 75 items long. And we’ve got a bunch more stuff we’re excited about for the next version.

Check it out, I hope you like it.

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