Free Stuff at SxSW

SxSW is always a bit of a break from reality. For one thing we are offered free stuff all the time. Have a t-shirt, here’s a sticker, free food, free drinks, please take this stuff!


It’s amusing to watch companies competing so hard to give you stuff for free. The assault is intense and we become numb to it. The impact of a single free t-shirt becomes lost in the deluge of other free stuff you accept; it becomes so diluted that most of the companies are wasting their money.

I understand that you are (certain to become the Next Big Thing) and you crave the opportunity to pitch your product/service to me (the influential early adopter who attends SxSW), but your message is getting lost in a sea of noise.

Not to worry, I have a solution!

I am happy to announce that I will now accept free stuff all year long.

Don’t let your tchotchke get ignored, make sure I give it the attention it deserves. Send your free stuff to me at:

Crowd Favorite
attn: Alex King
1435 Wazee St. Suite 103
Denver, CO 80202

I wear an American Apparel size large t-shirt.

You’re welcome.