June, 2012

  1. Carrington Build and FaveBusiness Updates

    Carrington Build

    We recently updated Carrington Build for compatibility with WordPress 3.4. We also updated our pricing structure for Carrington Build, dropping the single site price from $499 to $299 and adding an unlimited site package1 at $999. Our Carrington Build packages include access to our developer support forums and developer documentation, along with example theme integrations…

  2. Carrington Core 3.4

    We’ve gone ahead and merged in the global variables changes into version 3.4 of Carrington Core. We also stripped out the lightbox and color picker code so that Carrington Core is just a lightweight template selection engine. If you have a Carrington-based theme that relies on the lightbox or color picker, grab the code from…

  3. I don’t know much about hot water heaters, but I’m guessing that having the pilot light go out 3 times in 4 days isn’t a good sign.

  4. Post Formats Admin UI version 1.0.2

    We’ve released version 1.0.2 of our Post Formats Admin UI developer plugin for WordPress. This has a few useful bug fixes: Gallery is displayed as expected when images have already been uploaded before gallery tab is selected Fix audio fields showing on Video tab (props DrewAPicture) Fix quote fields showing on Link tab (props dariodev)…

  5. File System Access →

    I don’t think it will work to pre-determine all the interactions that people will want.

    Precisely. I want my OS to allow for 3rd party innovation – interesting new ideas come along all the time.

  6. Google minus Google →

    I’m trying this as my default search engine in Chrome, but I probably need to install a user stylesheet to clean up the mess of stuff they add at the top.