July, 2012

  1. Viewing Source on the Nexus 7

    If you want to “view source” for an HTML page on the Nexus 7, you can do so in Chrome by prepending “view-source:” to the URL. Example: view-source:https://alexking.org This will also work (it redirects to the http:// verision): view-source:alexking.org This also works in the desktop versions of Chrome and Firefox, but doesn’t seem to work…

  2. An iPad Lover’s Take On The Nexus 7 →

    And I don’t think twice about shoving it in my bag when I take off for the day (as I sometimes do with my iPad when I have my laptop with me).

    This is the reason I’m excited about a smaller tablet. Paper convinced me I want a digital sketchpad with me all the time, but the size and weight of the iPad is an impediment. There doesn’t seem to be an elegant cross-platform syncing sketchpad/note app out there – there definitely should be.

  3. Like Giving Natalie Portman a Trucker Cap →

    Two tips I learned in this show:

    1. Check the box in iTunes to encrypt your local iOS device backups so that passwords are saved as part of the backup.
    2. Use Due instead of a calendar event for garbage/recycling reminders. I already use Due as a “saved timers” app for everything from grilling to icing after a workout. I find it way too slow for entering new reminders, but for setting up saved, recurring reminders it is working out great.
  4. RAMP 1.1

    When I was posting about our recent releases, I overlooked version 1.1 of RAMP. This is the first major feature release of RAMP, and we added a bunch of great features. Perhaps the most useful user feature is the “quick send” feature. Now when you publish or update a post, there is a “RAMP It”…

  5. oldtweets →

    I had been missing about 40-50 tweets from my personal archive (via Twitter Tools), I now have a complete archive. w00T!

  6. You’re more than the F*ing Janitor →

    Delegation is hard. I’m finding delegating well to be much more challenging than doing things myself. Leading purely by example just requires effort and a willingness to do things that aren’t fun or glamorous, and as the leader you’re usually the most incentivized to get those things done. But effective delegation requires much more than mere will, it is a skill set developed with patience and learning and painful trial and error. It requires finding great people, training them in the skills you need them to have, motivating them to share your goals, empowering them with the resources and information to be successful, trusting them to do their jobs, and then giving them feedback on how to improve.

    I’ve come to realize that hiring is probably the hardest and most important part of my job (and we are hiring). As my team grows and we are doing more and more, I’m finding myself having to make more choices about where I spend my time. If I have to let something go, I want to be damn sure it’s in good hands when I do.

  7. Tech Companies Leave Phone Calls Behind →

    The plain and simple fact is that they’re too busy or too important to talk to us,” he said.

    Technology has allowed small teams to serve large customer bases in ways previously unimaginable. To assume that this would have no impact on the way these businesses are able to interact with their customers is foolish.

    (thanks Ethan)

  8. The Right Way to Include a Plugin in a WordPress Theme

    In our FavePersonal theme we integrated the excellent Social plugin from MailChimp and included an option to turn it on or off. Most importantly we did it in a way that still allows the Social plugin to be installed and updated independently. We made sure that we implemented this in a manner that: respected users’…

  9. Add a Preview Button to the Fullscreen Editor in WordPress

    I really like the fullscreen editor in WordPress. I use it nearly all of the time when composing long-form content, often in conjunction with the excellent Markdown on Save plugin by Mark Jaquith. It has always bugged me that there wasn’t a Preview button in the fullscreen mode toolbar. Problem solved. Here’s the code. View…