August, 2012

  1. Renewed my @pinboard archiving for another year. I haven’t actually needed the archiving feature (yet), but want to support the service.

  2. First, Fire Thyself →

    […] Given that you’re one of the only ones who can hold the whole business in your head, you need time to THINK. You need time to be able to consider where your business is heading. You need time to read. You need time to talk to customers. You need time to respond to a new, interesting opportunity that no one else has time for. Slack time has tremendous (and tremendously underappreciated) value. A CEO with slack time and the drive to use that time to continually consider the future of the business is a fantastic combination.

    Over the last few years I’ve found residual value in going to conferences is breaking out of the day-to-day and finding time to think critically. Since then, I’ve tried to be more intentional about creating that time. I’m always glad when I do. (thanks John via Chris)

  3. Thanks to inspiration from @nacin and a helpful tip from @markjaquith, I expect to have this #WordPress patch ready to post to Trac shortly.

  4. WordCamp Albuquerque 2012

    This past weekend I enjoyed my first trip to New Mexico to attend WordCamp Albuquerque. I’m not sure why it took me eight years after moving to Colorado to visit my neighboring state to the south, but WordCamp was a great excuse to get down for a visit. My thanks to the great folks in…

  5. The App Store Nightmare →

    I’ve bought apps directly from the developer instead of the App Store whenever I’ve had the opportunity. For the most part, that’s worked out well for me, though I missed out on iCloud sync in Coda 2.

  6. A Blow To HTML5 →

    I don’t think my dad really cares if it was built with HTML5, Native iOS or flying monkeys, it just has to work seamlessly and users are expecting the same quality and speed on mobile as desktop.

    This is a great example of how good Branch can be. (thanks Matt)

  7. Amazon Cloud Drive

    Received this email from Amazon yesterday: Your 20 GB + Cloud Player Premium Promotion subscription has ended and you are now limited to 250 imported songs in your Amazon Cloud Player library and 5 GB of free storage in Amazon Cloud Drive. If you would like to review your usage or subscribe to a new…