WordCamp Albuquerque 2012

This past weekend I enjoyed my first trip to New Mexico to attend WordCamp Albuquerque. I’m not sure why it took me eight years after moving to Colorado to visit my neighboring state to the south, but WordCamp was a great excuse to get down for a visit.

My thanks to the great folks in the New Mexico WordPress community for being wonderful hosts; in particular to Karen Arnold, Ray Gulick and the other WordCamp organizers for putting together a great event. Also, a particular thank you to my fellow speakers for their enjoyable camaraderie, discussion and debate.

I thoroughly enjoyed giving my presentation (which I also plan to present at WordCamp Denver in a few months) and was gratified to receive positive feedback from both long time WordPress developers and folks just getting their feet wet.

I bookended the trip with a round of golf on Friday and a trip up the Sandia Peak Tramway on Sunday. Two beautiful places that demanded I take a few photos.