October, 2012

  1. Interviewed on WP Engine Blog →

    I had the pleasure of hanging out with some of the WP Engine guys at WordCamp Denver. I’ve done an interview for their blog, in which I touch on a number of WordPress-related ideas that have been germinating for me over the last few years (in particular an official commercial marketplace and a way of differentiating developers from implementors).

  2. Social 2.6

    Social 2.6 is now available for download! This release was initially intended to handle a smallish set of bug fixes, but then Twitter announced version 1.1 of their API and we figured while we were in there we might as well make all the changes necessary for compatibility. So the good news is that this…

  3. Twitter Tools 3.0.2

    I’ve released Twitter Tools 3.0.2 to address a handful of bugs and add a few customization points: Add aktt_tweet_create_blog_post filter to allow other plugins/code to make programatic decisions about when to create blog posts from tweets Add aktt_tweet_create_blog_post_format filter to allow post format to changed or omitted Properly apply title prefix when creating blog posts…

  4. Apple Web Services Performance

    The one major annoyance/frustration I have with my various Apple devices is Apple’s own web service performance. I see errors and frequent requests to “re-sign in to iTunes” with iTunes Match. It takes 15-30 seconds to load up a tab within the Mac App Store and sometimes even longer in the iOS App Store. Especially…

  5. Had to reboot my iPhone to be able to send friend requests in Game Center – “alexkingorg” if you want to beat me in Letterpress.

  6. Just Because HTML5 Was Bad For Facebook Doesn’t Mean It’s Bad For You →

    But the dismissiveness towards web based mobile applications, fueled in part by Zuckerberg’s September comments, seems short-sighted. In an industry with little appreciation for either history or nuance, it is perhaps unsurprising that attitudes towards mobile/native tend to be so binary.

    I’m still planning to create a mobile HTML5 version of my next web app, but I’m also building an API so that people can build client apps if they want.

  7. Letterpress by Atebits review →

    Great review from Dave. Great game, though I’m seeing all kinds of “Game Center Errors”. I think I’m starting to get the hang of the strategy after a couple of games. I’m ‘alexkingorg’ in Game Center if you’d like to play.

  8. WordPress Community Summit

    I’m quite looking forward to the WordPress Community Summit next week. I’m hoping to lobby for a few of my pet core tickets while I’m there, but I’m particularly looking forward to some of the discussion topics and the unconference format. An unconference works great when you have the right people, and this should be…

  9. 2012 WordCamp Denver Presentation

    I just realized I never posted a link to my slides from my WordCamp Denver presentation a few weeks back. You can find them here: Core Competency Navigate: between slides using the LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys “within” a slide using the UP/DOWN arrow keys (red bottom corner indicator) N or ] = jump to next section…