2012 WordCamp Denver Presentation

I just realized I never posted a link to my slides from my WordCamp Denver presentation a few weeks back.

You can find them here: Core Competency


  • between slides using the LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys
  • “within” a slide using the UP/DOWN arrow keys (red bottom corner indicator)
  • N or ] = jump to next section
  • P or [ = jump to previous section
  • 1 = go to beginning
  • 0 = go to end

Curious about the code? It’s on GitHub.

This was the first time I’ve given the same presentation twice and I found it to be a very interesting experience. While I did add a new section to the talk for the Denver (as well as various minor code improvements) I found that the fact I’d put most of the presentation a couple of months prior meant that I didn’t have all of the transitions on my fingertips the way I had at WordCamp Albuquerque. There was a bit of latency with slide transitions as well due to the technical set-up, which was unfortunate but I don’t think it hurt the presentation too badly.

My thanks (again) to Kevin and everyone else who helped make WordCamp Denver happen this year.