December, 2012

  1. Partied so hard we closed down the place by 10:30pm. Where by “the place” I mean my house and by “closed down” I mean the kids got tired.

    Happy new year!

  2. “booted”

    Crowd "booter"

    I signed up for Crowdbooster on a lark a while back – someone probably linked to them on Twitter. I think I get a weekly digest email from them telling me how many followers I’ve gained/lost. This is a great example of a service that probably should have been “freemium” from the start (assuming they…

  3. Argument Clinic

    So I’m watching this and laughing, and then it hits this part: M: An argument isn’t just contradiction. O: Well! it CAN be! M: No it can’t! M: An argument is a connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition. O: No it isn’t! M: Yes it is! ’tisn’t just contradiction. O: Look, if…

  4. What image gets passed to Facebook in Social broadcasts?

    Anyone who has developed against Facebook’s API knows that the only constant is change – Facebook is an ever-evolving platform. In Social we’ve made changes a few different times to the way we broadcast links. Our original posting approach was working fine, but as Facebook started rolling out their “Share” feature, it wasn’t available on…

  5. Social 2.7

    Just in time for the holidays I am very pleased to report we have a new version of Social for you (compliments of our good friends at MailChimp and my team at Crowd Favorite). This release as a few changes of note: Points to a new Social proxy URL. The old one will stop working…

  6. The Web We Lost →

    I couldn’t agree more with the point that the proprietary services built better/easier products and we badly overestimated how much people would value their independence. All things being equal, people would rather have more control. Achieving that equality is really hard.

    Be sure to read the follow-up as well.