April, 2013

  1. GitHub’s online editor (Ace, the same one we use for Capsule) is super handy for quickly tweaking things after accepting a pull request.

  2. To: Family & Friends

    Date: April 30, 2013

    Subject: 4th Treatment, 24 hours in

    Hi Everyone– So far so good with the 4th treatment. I’m doing a good bit of resting, but the nausea has been controlled so far and the other side effects aren’t any worse than before. I’ve also been able to be on my laptop for a few hours this morning with a pretty good concentration…


  3. 1. change password to 20 char string
    2. notice a 8-15 char limit warning but it saves anyway
    3. log out
    4. log in… fails

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  4. Did my monthly/quarterly LinkedIn triage. Their “people you may know” algorithm is pretty impressive.

  5. GameTonight for Status Board

    Game Tonight: Yes

    GameTonight now creates a module for Panic’s excellent Status Board iPad app. The URL is simple, add ‘/statusboard’ to any metro URL or, while on your iPad, click the link at the bottom of each GameTonight page to install the current metro in Status Board. Example: http://gametonight.in/denver/statusboard Here’s what you get: It currently looks best…

  6. weaning yourself off jquery →

    I’m a tremendous fan of jQuery, but there are situations where you just need to insert a little JavaScript into a webpage/app and adding an additional library is overkill. This is a great reference map of jQuery methods to native JS methods.

  7. I tell you what, let’s forget the fact that you’re coming a little late to the party and embrace the fact that you showed up at all.

    Sam Seaborn

  8. My review of the @panic’s Status Board: DOES NOT COME WITH EXTRA IPAD: 1 STAR.

    Having some fun setting it up with @crowdfavorite data.

  9. Capsule Reaction and My Usage

    Quite simply, the reaction to Capsule has far exceeded my hopes. I’m thrilled. As Capsule is a product in a nascent category, my biggest concern was that people wouldn’t immediately see the benefits it could provide. That clearly has not been the case. Capsule appears to be a solution to a problem people (at least…