Initial reaction to iOS 7

I haven’t yet installed iOS7 on a test device, so these are henceforth disclaimed as knee-jerk reactions based on hearsay and screenshots.

  • 8 months is a short time and lots has been done, more than I thought was possible.
  • It’s a little too candy colored and simplistic for my taste, especially the icons.
  • I expect we’ll see some revisions before GM this fall.
  • From what I hear from people who have already upgraded, the UX and interaction language is stellar – it feels good.
  • It’s going to be jarring to move between the Apple apps that ship with iOS 7 and current 3rd party apps. The old ones will feel “broken” pretty fast.
  • It seems like the handcuffs came off – so many obvious things have been added (quick access to settings, webOS style multi-tasking, ability to move NewsStand into a folder, auto-updating of apps and for the Mac the tabbed finder, better 2nd monitor support, etc.)

I think I’m going to like it. I definitely think it’s going to look more at home on the white iPhone than the black.