Casual iPhone Earbuds (w/ Mic)


The ear buds that Apple provides with the iPhone have always fallen out of my ears. I embarked on a :scare: journey of discovery :/scare: recently and tested out a set of Panasonics and a set of Samsungs. Both work well and are under $15. I’m littering them in strategic places around the house and in my various bags for convenience.

However, I just tried a different solution that I think may be my favorite for phone calls: the Apple ear buds with Earhoox (Amazon link). These add a Bose QC 20-style fin to the Apple earbuds which gives them a comfortable and secure fit. They are not a full in-ear solution like the Panasonic and Samsung sets, which means you can hear yourself talk when you’re on a phone call.

For listening to podcasts (but still being able to take a call when needed) I like the full in-ear options.1 When I’m reaching for headphones to make a call, I’m going to the Earhoox.

  1. For listening to music, I definitely recommend higher quality options.