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  1. Is WordPress the Right Tool for the Job?

    I recently got an email that asked: Do you ever question whether WordPress is the correct CMS for something? I am a big WordPress fan too and I’ve solved some really cool content management challenges with it but there are times when I think, this site would probably be faster and more efficient if it…

  2. RAMP v 1.4.4

    We’ve pushed out a few new versions of RAMP recently, addressing: v1.4.4 More obvious error messages when media fails to transfer v1.4.3 and v1.4.2 both address issues with backslashes being removed from content. I’ve written about this issue ad nauseum, but RAMP was originally written before the issue was discovered. If my patches had gone…

  3. Owning Your Online Identity →

    Post at the Crowd Favorite blog

    I’ve put up a post on the Crowd Favorite blog about how I use WordPress and the FavePersonal theme (free!) to own my online identity, while still participating with my friends on Facebook and Twitter.

    I love how I have (on my own site) a history of the social reactions to posts like this. Here’s a more casual example; where the social reactions really add to the overall story.

    I think owning your online identity is hugely important – don’t outsource it to some 3rd-party service. But there’s no reason not to take advantage of the benefits of those services. I want to have my cake and eat it to – and I believe I’m doing just that.

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  4. Interviewed on WP Elevation

    I did an interview with Troy Dean for WP Elevation which is now available. I talk quite a bit about my history with WordPress and my approaches to various things including my work experience, my team, working with clients, and the merger with VeloMedia. This is the first time I’ve done an interview like this…

  5. More on The Value of Blogging

    Matt recently wrote about the value of blogging. I’d been working on some notes in this area as well, but from a different approach. The part of blogging I find particularly interesting and valuable is the format it provides to be thoughtful about things. Notice something. Think about it. Write about it. The process of…

  6. Fixing Broken Social Twitter Avatars

    Social Twitter Avatar Fix

    If you’ve been using Social for a while like I have, you might also be seeing broken images in the comments area of your old posts. I did a little digging into this and discovered that this is related to how Twitter handles user avatars. When Twitter returns a user object, they include the URL…

  7. Twitter Tools v3.1 →

    Yay, an update to Twitter Tools! This should fix the “not auto-updating since upgrading Social to version 2.10 (or 2.11)” problem and adds a couple little goodies.

    I’m primarily posting these types of updates over on the Crowd Favorite blog now, so be sure to subscribe over there. You can also or follow Crowd Favorite on Twitter or Like us on Facebook to get updates.

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  8. Ghost and Accidental Messaging

    Ghost Copyright

    I investigate pretty much every new publishing system that comes out. I’m eager to see what features they think are important, and see what might spark new ideas for my own site. I got my invite to try Ghost a short time ago. I put up a test post, and was a shocked by what…

  9. Will 2014 Be the Year of WordPress Tuck-ins and Roll-ups? →

    Most WordPress businesses are very young (Crowd Favorite was one of, if not the first in 2007). As these businesses mature and realize what is needed of them to take the next steps, consolidation often looks like a saner route than continuing to build. Especially for technical founders that aren’t as interested in managing the necessary business infrastructure (I count myself in this group).

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  10. Spam Comment Generator Script

    Someone recently posted the entire contents of their SPAM comment generator script into my comments; I assume by mistake. It’s pretty interesting to look at. It appears that each line is a different comment with replacement clauses that would be randomly selected. View the code on Gist.