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  1. Panasonic Lumix GX-7 micro-review: so good I plan to sell my Canon Rebel T2i (and the lenses I’ve accumulated over the last 10 years).

  2. “Rockin’ robin (Tweet, Tweet Tweet)”

    How long until the next generation is asking why the robin is on Twitter?

  3. Is there a quote database/website that has beautiful typography and minimal design/ads? You know, one you’d actually want to link to…

  4. When I see someone describe themselves as a “seasoned professional” on LinkedIn I always wonder what they are seasoned with.

  5. I wouldn’t be shocked to see MacBook Pros in “space gray” in the not so distant future.

  6. Define the Problem Instead of Suggesting a Solution

    Life lesson from running a digital agency: When asking for help, focus your efforts on defining the problem instead of suggesting a solution. The person you’re asking for help from may have solutions you’ve never considered. If my recent experience is any measure, it works equally well when asking a hotel concierge for help getting…

  7. Apparently things are so bad for the Jacksonville Jaguars that they don’t even have budget to finish painting their helmets. #broncos