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  1. Aluminum laptop is frigid to the touch after spending a cold evening in my car. Considering loading a Flash movie in the background.

  2. “Stop that rhyming and I mean it. Anybody want a peanut?”

    *makes room on shelf for Father of the Year award*

  3. It may only be Andrew Luck’s second year in the league, but he already has a veteran’s hairline.

  4. 2013 in Review

    2013 was a challenge on many fronts. There was the obvious which brought many, many ramifications with it. It was also a year filled with fun, family, and accomplishments I’m proud of. Inspired by Steve, I’m putting together my first year in review post featuring photos. It all started well with the first thorough cleaning…

  5. Dusted off Jawbone headset. Charged, powered up and good to go after several years of neglect.

    Impressed, but shouldn’t this be expected?