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  1. @stevenf IMO never was a good place for the back button. BlackBerry/Android give it a dedicated “hardware” button in the thumb area.

  2. @stevenf I used to look forward to meeting in person. Now I am terrified to let any of my devices within 20 feet of you. :)

  3. @stevenf Amazing that the maxed out kit is a mere $1500 isn’t it? The original Air with SSD was $3k+ just a couple years back.

  4. @stevenf I do the same thing on my Lenovo S10 (super-stiff mouse buttons) to make it usable. Also don’t use this feature on Apple hardware.

  5. @stevenf Transmit works like a champ with all my S3 buckets now. Looking forward to the UI refresh in the next major release.