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Another good batch this week.

Regular Expression PHP Tutorial.

Ken Rosenthal of TSN talks about what’s next for the Yankees.

Dougal has had some fun of his own with browser bugs.

Microsoft has fired a full-time temp employee for the contents of one of his blog posts. This has gotten a lot of attention, including a thread on slashdot. Don’t forget to read the follow-up post.

Say it ain’t so: Six degrees of Kevin Bacon debunked.

Canon has released updated firmware for the 10D.

Luminous Landscape has a great article on Understanding Contrast Masking. I wish I’d known about this earlier – I think it will really help some shots I took in Utah (cloudy day, semi-flat colors).

An article about implementing REST in PHP.

Brent talks about shareware, commercial software and… :scare: independant software? :/scare:

Former major league pitcher Jack McDowell has a great article on Manny Ramirez’s trip through waivers and building a team around a hitter.

26 things (a photo scavenger hunt) looks like fun. I wonder if I’ll have time to actually do it.

Dave Barry’s 15 Things That It Took Me Over 50 Years To Learn. I actually got this via e-mail (thanks Jim) but it was easy to find a link. 🙂

Old news but still news to me; here is a Feedster plug-in for Mozilla Firebird.

Create Desktop Applications with Web Technologies. I haven’t read all of this yet, but it looks really interesting. Adam has already started playing with some of these ideas.

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