Tasks Pro™ 1.6rc1 and Tasks 2.6rc1

I’ve posted the first release candidates for Tasks Pro™ 1.6 and Tasks 2.6. There are a few changes in these releases since the last beta releases.

Important note: If you were previously using a beta version of a .6 release, one of these changes (the addition of the billable option for tasks created from e-mails) requires a special upgrade script to be run. That script is included in the download (dot6prereleasepatch.php).

Changes in both Tasks Pro™ and Tasks:

  • Added the ability to set a task as billable when created from e-mail.
  • Minor changes for PostgreSQL compatibility.
  • Minor changes for MySQL 5 compatibility.
  • More testing on MS SQL Server.

Changes in Tasks:

  • Removed ‘Tasks Pro’ reference in the default welcome task.

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