Zend Studio License

Since I’m liking the Zend Studio, I sent an e-mail into the Zend folks asking if they had a license that would allow me to install the Zend Studio on all three of my development machines, without requiring 3 separate licenses (as their license agreement states is required).

I received a reply this morning, letting me know that they would allow me to do this with a single license. I asked why their license agreement stated otherwise, and they replied that they are working on getting that changed. I’m glad to see they have adopted a more enlightened approach1 and encourage them to get properly updated terms in their license agreement.

If, like me, you were scared off by their current license terms; it’s probably worth sending them a note. I’m going to be testing the Zend Studio for another week or two, but I’m leaning towards buying the $299 version.

  1. I don’t know any developers that only use one machine these days. [back]