Link Blog

Another new addition to in v2 is some link blog functionality. I really enjoy the timely commentary of link blogs like Ethan’s and John’s, and recently I’ve been wanting to add more commentary to more of the links I add to my weekly Around the web posts.

The link blog entries:

Link Blog Entry

have a slightly different styling than my normal blog entries:

Regular Blog Entry

and they do not show up as the latest blog post on the home page.

In addition, the link on the title is to the external link, not my internal page for the entry. Comments are enabled for the link blog entries, and they all appear in my new Links topic (which, of course, as its own feed). I’ve also gone back and changed all of the Around the web posts to live in the Links topic as well.

I’m not ditching the Around the web weekly round-ups. Links that I don’t feel need timely commentary will still end up there.

We’ll see how it works out – feedback is welcome.

And yes, I’ve got this functionality abstracted out into a plugin, I hope to have it released sometime next week.