Kensington SlimType

Yes, I said I’d never buy anything from Kensington again but the SlimType got pretty good reviews so I decided to try it out.

The Good

  • The styling of the keyboard is pretty nice.
  • The volume keys and sleep (power) key work without drivers.

The Bad

  • Keys are stiffer than a Power/MacBook keyboard. A little too stiff.
  • The Home/Page Up/Down/End key layout is bizarre.
  • Why on earth would I want two control keys right next to each other (left side)?
  • Why are the Command keys so tiny?
  • The keyboard tilts too much from back to front. After using it for a day, my hands and wrists ached.

If this were the only laptop-style keyboard option out there, I would probably use it and deal with the shortcomings. However, there are other options (MacAlly IceKey review forthcoming) so this one’s going back.