King Design is now Crowd Favorite

I am very pleased to announce that King Design is now Crowd Favorite, Ltd.

Crowd Favorite

I have been doing business under the “King Design” moniker since 1997. When I started, I was offering web design and hosting services. I’ve long since graduated to software, hosted web products and services, user interface design and consulting along with web development (and I rarely do design work anymore). King Design just isn’t an appropriate name anymore.

I’m working on putting the finishing touches on the new logo, web site, business cards, etc. and hope to unveil them next week. The official paperwork is all done, but it will take a little time to get all the other stuff switched over.1

The only thing slowing me down in the transition right now is the domain. I had high hopes that I could purchase ‘’ from the fellow who bought it in 2002 and has never used it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen right now.

I’ve got a few alternative domains that I think are suitable – these three appear to be the best options. Please vote for the one you like best and add a comment as to why you prefer the one you do.

Each of these options has pros and cons, I’m curious to know which you think are most important. It could be an interesting debate.

I’ve been thinking about renaming the business for a while, but recently it was brought to the forefront. Fellow Hiver Sean Porter has the Best. Business card. Ever.

It’s cheeky and fun – I love it.

As I guessed, Sean says it helps his clients self-select themselves as well. If they don’t smile or chuckle, or if it offends their uptight sensibilities, then they probably aren’t the kind of client that Day Job is looking for (or that I am looking for).

I wanted to have a more interesting and fun business name, and one that is less descriptive (so that it won’t become inaccurate as things naturally evolve over time. Crowd Favorite fits the bill nicely.

  1. I’ll talk a little more about the switch and some techniques I plan to use to make the migration as smooth as possible in future posts. [back]

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