Crowd Favorite will use

Is that your final answer?

Having changed my mind twice in the last 72 hours, I’m happy to say: yes, dammit! 🙂

Crowd Favorite Web Site

When I first decided on Crowd Favorite as my business name, I saw that the .com was taken and was okay using the .net. Of course I registered a bunch of variations too, one of them being

I asked a few people which they liked better and started getting interesting responses. That prompted me to take a poll, which led to even more interesting feedback.

I was all set on using, but a lot of people I really respect had strong feelings that was a better option. They made persuasive arguments, and eventually I decided to go ahead with

I spent time over the last 3 days converting about 500 links to in my software packages, documentation, etc.

I finished that late last night, and as soon as I did, I immediately knew I’d made a mistake.

As noted well in some recent comments, has two big problems:

  1. it’s not speakable enough
  2. it’s not the name of the business

It’s a lot easier to tell someone to go to “crowd favorite dot net” than it is to tell them to go to “crowd fave dot com”, or even worse “crowd eff ay vee ee dot com”, which is probably what follows when I have to explain that the domain is an abbreviation of the business name.

Scott nailed it, if I wanted to use I should name the business Crowd Fave. I like Crowd Favorite better, so I’m using

Done and done.