Domain Arguments

The discussion around which domain name I should use for Crowd Favorite (both offline and online in the comments and on Twitter) has been very interesting to me.

We’re down to two clear finalists:


and lots of folks are making excellent points.

Let me hit some of the highlights.

  • The supporters generally tell me that .net is the second best choice after .com, while the supporters seem to genuinely like the domain.
  • is easily translated from hearing it to typing it.
  • is shorter than
  • If I do end up getting, a transition from is probably easier.
  • Conversely, is more easily confused with
  • suffers from “how was that shortened again?” issues.
  • is more informal and fun.
  • Yes, I will have both pointing to the same place but I need one domain for e-mails, URLs in documentation, etc.
  • keeps the tradition of having the business at a .net address (
  • The less tech-savvy folks I’ve asked have been nearly unanimous on – they are not as comfortable with .net TLDs.
  • Brian nicely articulated:

    i’d rather have a .net domain and have it be the name of my company than have a .com and have it not.

    This was also the argument made by Scott and Eric – that the domain should match the company name if at all possible.

I was always planning to use, but the response to has gotten my attention. This decision is holding up a number of things, but I want to make sure I’ve thought it through completely. Your input in the comments and by voting is very much appreciated.