Timbuk2 Blogger = Good Air Bag

I’m getting old. I can’t think of another reason why it took me so long to find this handy cellphone pocket in my laptop bag.

Cell Phone Pocket

Yes, the same laptop bag I’ve been carrying for over a year.

Incidentally, this is by far the best MacBook Air bag I could find.

Timbuk2 Blogger

It’s the Timbuk2 Blogger, 2007 model. I had to do some looking to find the older model, which has an internal laptop compartment rather than the more rigid external zipper laptop compartment.

For the Air I was looking for something that would hold the laptop vertically1 and not have that stiff “this is a box at the end of a string” feel to it. I tried a number of bags including the STM Alley and the Coder. Both were returned because the laptop fit too snugly in them. This made the bag stand away from your body instead of being more compact against you.

The Blogger has been a great “briefcase” for me. It compresses well when mostly empty but will hold a surprising amount of stuff. And of course it has the famous Timbuk2 quality – so you have to choose to replace it rather than it wearing out. After a year of daily use, mine still looks new.

  1. This vertical style laptop bag must be gaining in popularity as some looking around now shows a lot more options than a year ago. [back]