Verizon = Good Choice

After my several month dalliance with Sprint, T-Mobile and finally ditching AT&T for Verizon on my BlackBerry (my primary device), I am happy to report that I chose wisely.

I have not (yet) had the dreaded “Call Failed (beep, beep, beep)”, or a single dropped call since making the switch.1 Also, the network performance for data is faster than Sprint’s (or at least more immediately responsive).

I realize that all carrier satisfaction is local. If you’ve got great (your carrier here) service where you live and work, no need to switch. However for those who are constantly whining about AT&T’s dropped calls and lack of data coverage in the Denver metro area, there is an alternative!

Thanks to Corey, who’s been pimping Verizon for ages. I get it now.

  1. I even keep a call live through a dead zone between Arvada and Broomfield where I always dropped calls on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. [back]