WordPress HelpCenter Support Packages

One of the things I love about WordPress HelpCenter is the way we are able to add offerings based on customer demand. Our latest addition is a formalization of a collection of support and maintenance packages so that we can provide pro-active support for our customers.

WordPress HelpCenter Support Packages

With these packages, we are not only responding to support and development requests, but we’re also making sure the sites stay up to date, secure and running smoothly. We’ve also added a “bat phone” and associated support packages for customers that need high-priority response times. Hopefully these will work nicely for the folks that have been requesting these things from us.

Over the years providing these types of services we’ve built a number of tools that allow us to do things like upgrade tracking and notification, establishing mirror sites for testing, and complete monitored backup and restore services in a comprehensive and efficient way. I think you’ll like what we can do for you.

We are offering discounted introductory rates for these support packages for a limited time, and we are allowing you lock in these prices for as long a contract as you like.

Of course, we still offer our standard on-demand support and development services as well. Give us a call if there is something we can help with: 303-395-1346.

I’m quite proud that we have also added a collection of testimonials to the HelpCenter web site. We show four of them on the home page and one in most of the page sidebars; they rotate every few minutes. Each time we work with someone, we send them a satisfaction survey. This gives us useful feedback and a way to continually improve our service, and I’m very pleased that it is often quite a morale boost because we’ve been getting great reviews from our customers.

I tried hard to set high expectation with our team from the beginning; that their primary job is making our customers exceptionally happy with the services we provide. I’m thrilled at the way they have embraced this and really put it at the core of how we do business.

Along with all the new packages and testimonials, we’ve given the website a new look as well.1 Hopefully the header bar makes it easy for visitors to access our contact information from all pages. I also hope that the new home page design helps give people a better idea of what we can do for them when they first arrive at the site.

It’s extremely rewarding to be part of a business like the HelpCenter. The better we do our jobs and the more we can do, the better we serve the WordPress community. Helping make things better is a wonderful feeling.

  1. Design services, of course, by my Crowd Favorite team. [back]

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