Best of Breed Android Apps

My foray into the Android world has sent me searching for the best available apps for my various needs. Here is the set I’m currently using along with some general thoughts:

  • Email: K-9 mail. The built-in IMAP client on the Droid 2 is fundamentally broken. It fails to move and delete messages on the server. K-9 mail is better, but far from perfect. The mail client on iOS 4 is much nicer to use with the exception of the type-to-filter feature for folders when moving messages.
  • Feed Reader: NewsRob. The Google Reader syncing seems a little flaky and the syncing seems to take a “check each feed” approach instead of utilizing the API to just get unread items. However, it’s pretty decent to use and makes nice use of the volume up/down rocker for quickly flipping through items.
  • Podcasts: Google Listen. I tried a few other clients. This one is a little quirky, but seems to work best and the UI feels at home on the Android OS.
  • Twitter: Twitter for Android. I’m using the official client – it works fine. It only supports one account, but I’m sure multiple account support will be added in the future. There are a bunch of alternatives out there, I’ve been lazy.
  • Camera: I’ve used Retro Camera and am currently trying out Vignette. These provide some fun filters – if not quite the Instagram experience.
  • Flickr: Flickr Free. It works, is slow to start up and lacks visual polish. I tried Flicka which looks pretty, but didn’t work great on my device.
  • Sports Scoreboard: ScoreMobile. I love their BlackBerry app too.

Overall I’m finding acceptable replacements for just about everything I used on iOS and BlackBerry. I also really like the agenda and weather home screen widgets (I think these are Motorola specific). The apps as a whole don’t have near the polish of the iOS apps I use, but the trade-off of polish for background network activity is one I’m OK with so far. I haven’t used my iPod touch since I got the Droid.

Fellow Android users, what apps should I be using that I’m not?