2011 in Review

Welcome to my sixth (semi) annual :scare: year in review :/scare: post. I missed posting a review for 2010 so I’ve added the 2010 stats into the table below as well and I’ve added in the numbers for 2002 and 2003 as well.

It was a good year for me both personally and professionally. My daughter is growing up fast and I’m cherishing the time I get to spend with her. Watching her grow and seeing her imagination flourish is just darn awesome.

At Crowd Favorite we are continuing to expand our capabilities and raise the bar on both our client projects and the products we are building. We remodeled our office this year, and expanded the team by several folks – all great changes that are allowing us to continue to take on new challenges.

On this site I was able to make great progress on a number of changes I’ve been wanting to make. In particular, I wanted to make progress in several key areas.

I wanted to have a more casual relationship with my site. I had gotten away from daily posting a while ago, and the longer I went without posting the more I felt my next post needed to be substantial. The combination of the site redesign and the content integrations I created with several social sites I participate in has been a big part of that. It has also helped me move towards making my site the home for all of my online content.

I also moved from weekly link posts to individual link posts. This is something I’d experimented with in the past, but I’m glad I finally cut over wholesale. I don’t have consistent time on the weekends like I used to, and it’s nice to be able to post stuff in a more timely manner.

I wanted to get back to contributing code back to the community with more frequency. I’ve been moving just about everything I can to GitHub. I’ve got some stuff under my account, including a number of Gists. My WordPress plugins are being moved to our Crowd Favorite account as we work on them.

I feel like I’m still at a mid-way point on a number of the things I’m trying to accomplish, hopefully 2012 will see continued progress.

I’ve run the numbers for my site again this year (and made the code available as a Gist). I see just about what I expected: more frequent posts with fewer words per post.

  Posts Avg. Length Total Length Comments (Mine)
2011 435 711 309,345 1,175 (93)
2010 217 1,822 395,422 1,037 (92)
2009 181 1,662 300,910 1,750 (109)
2008 186 1,551 288,575 2,397 (151)
2007 404 1,498 605,285 3,620 (276)
2006 555 1,705 946,404 2,923 (442)
2005 496 1,397 692,801 2,447 (438)
2004 635 1,090 692,381 2,188 (523)
2003 659 721 474,960 641 (227)
2002 71 786 55,809 40 (30)

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