2012 in Review

Welcome to my (semi) annual :scare: year in review :/scare: post.

Last year I wrote:

I feel like I’m still at a mid-way point on a number of the things I’m trying to accomplish, hopefully 2012 will see continued progress.

I’m pleased to say that is indeed how 2012 played out.

At Crowd Favorite we took a number of important steps; making lots of incremental improvements in a number of areas. The result being significant cumulative steps forward as a team and strong growth in the team. I am endeavoring to return to a more technical role – getting my hands back in the code a bit more often. This change is one that I’m extremely excited for (though balancing my business responsibilities with my desire to build stuff will likely continue to be a time management challenge for a while).

This summer I could see burnout looming in the distance. We’d been working extremely hard on hiring and team building for the last year and I was spending pretty much all of my time in my various management responsibilities. I really enjoy working with my team, but there are administrative aspects of managing that simply drain my energy. Conversely, rolling up my sleeves and building great stuff energizes me the way few things do. I’m very optimistic that 2013 will see a continuation of a healthy balance for me as I’m able to get more involved technically on client projects and various product initiatives.

I did a little more speaking in 2012, giving presentations at WordCamp Albuquerque, WordCamp Denver and Pressonmics. I feel very good about my technical presentations now, and look forward to continuing to improve my business/personal talks.

I did integrate golf back into my schedule a little more this year. I even managed to sneak in one round in the 70s for the first time in years. I took my daughter to the driving range a few times over the summer, and hope that can be something we do a little more of in 2013.

Family time has taken a significant role in my schedule. I can hardly remember the days when my wife and I were routinely putting in our 60+ hour work weeks.

I’m still working to adjust my time expectations of myself to account for the increased family time. I’ve reduced my work hours to a more reasonable level, but it’s still not something I’m fully accustomed to. I certainly wouldn’t give up my family time, but there are so many things I’d like to be doing or doing better.

If I could pick a superpower, it would be the ability to give myself more time. I’ll be working to find ways to make myself more efficient in 2013.

I’ve run the numbers for my site again this year (the code is available as a Gist). I’m continuing to post more frequently with fewer words per post. I do miss writing more in-depth posts more often. I’m hoping do more of this in 2013; I have a few things I want to say.

  Posts Avg. Length Total Length Comments (Mine)
2012 1,061 309 327,726 1,632 (106)
2011 435 711 309,345 1,175 (93)
2010 217 1,822 395,422 1,037 (92)
2009 181 1,662 300,910 1,750 (109)
2008 186 1,551 288,575 2,397 (151)
2007 404 1,498 605,285 3,620 (276)
2006 555 1,705 946,404 2,923 (442)
2005 496 1,397 692,801 2,447 (438)
2004 635 1,090 692,381 2,188 (523)
2003 659 721 474,960 641 (227)
2002 71 786 55,809 40 (30)

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