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  1. On Medical Leave

    About a month ago I made the decision to take a medical leave of absence from Crowd Favorite. My goal is for this to be a relatively brief hiatus. I love our team and can’t wait to get back to doing cool things with them. In the interim, I’ll be focusing on my health (more…

  2. Colorado Mountain College →

    A pretty cool case study we released last week on creating a WordPress-powered website for Colorado Mountain College.

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  3. Crowd Favorite is Hiring

    We’ve got a ton of great stuff going on at Crowd Favorite right now. We are hiring for front and back end web developers, and we just put out a call for junior developers. While our first preference is to continue expanding our offices in Denver, Los Angeles (and Orange County), Las Vegas and Bucharest,…

  4. Every New Hire Has Three Jobs

    At Crowd Favorite we’re getting ready to hire several developers. I’ve been told that our on-boarding process can be stressful, but I’ve also been told that this is the case for most high performing teams. I’d like to smooth the path a little for our new hires, so I’m going to try a new approach.…

  5. Is WordPress the Right Tool for the Job?

    I recently got an email that asked: Do you ever question whether WordPress is the correct CMS for something? I am a big WordPress fan too and I’ve solved some really cool content management challenges with it but there are times when I think, this site would probably be faster and more efficient if it…

  6. On Selling Crowd Favorite

    On Friday Karim and I signed the final papers to bring my Crowd Favorite team together with his VeloMedia team. Whew! I’ve told the story of how I came to build Crowd Favorite countless times. I tell it on podcasts and in on-stage interviews, to candidates during the recruitment and interview process, to folks who…

  7. RAMP v 1.4.4

    We’ve pushed out a few new versions of RAMP recently, addressing: v1.4.4 More obvious error messages when media fails to transfer v1.4.3 and v1.4.2 both address issues with backslashes being removed from content. I’ve written about this issue ad nauseum, but RAMP was originally written before the issue was discovered. If my patches had gone…

  8. Whether to delegate →

    This post outlines a few gems I wish I’d had learned years ago. One of the things I’m most excited about in my shift to CTO at Crowd Favorite is reducing the cognitive load that managing hiring, HR, benefits, paying bills, etc. take on my productivity.

    (thanks Michael)

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  9. Will 2014 Be the Year of WordPress Tuck-ins and Roll-ups? →

    Most WordPress businesses are very young (Crowd Favorite was one of, if not the first in 2007). As these businesses mature and realize what is needed of them to take the next steps, consolidation often looks like a saner route than continuing to build. Especially for technical founders that aren’t as interested in managing the necessary business infrastructure (I count myself in this group).

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