October, 2002

  1. Happy Halloween

    A local pub was pretty decked out for Halloween, got this shot there. I really like the shot (lighting, etc.), the subject matter… well… let’s say it’s seasonal. 😐

  2. Weekly Assignment: Curves

    I have the best of intentions to complete the weekly assignments at fredmiranda.com but for the last few months there just hasn’t seemed to be any time with vacation and changing jobs. I did manage to get out and get a shot this morning for the subject Curves. I hope I can get back into…

  3. Browsers: Phoenix, Netscape 7 (& AOL)

    For anyone who does "serious" browsing, I highly recommend Phoenix as the browser of choice on Windows and Mozilla on Mac. The both offer what I currently consider to be the 2 most important features on a current browser: pop-up blocking and tabbed browsing.

  4. b2 coding

    I discovered and fixed (another fellow fixed it better, but mine worked too ;)) a bug in the b2 calendar yesterday and wrote a small bit of functionality that someone else had requested today to show the number of comments and posts since your last visit (if there are any).

  5. Game 3

    I’ve been playing monday morning quarterback with the World Series so far, time to say my piece up front. I like the Giants in game 3. I always said that throwing Jason Schmidt and Russ Ortiz back to back was a mistake as they are very similar pitchers – righties that throw hard and sometimes…

  6. Giant Roster Mistake

    After watching game 2 of the World Series, it is painfully obvious to me that Giants manager Dusty Baker made a huge mistake when setting his post-season roster. He has a number of late-inning desfensive replacement type outfielders, but no true DH.

  7. New Sprint Unlimited Data Rates

    I recently moved from Verizon to Sprint for my cell service, switching to the Handspring Treo and cancelling my Palm i705 service. This gave me cheaper service, an integrated keyboard on the device for e-mail, and a faster, more reliable data connection. All in all I’ve been very pleased with the move. Today however, I’m…

  8. Tivo

    After much debate over building my own digital video recorder/MP3 jukebox computer or just buying a Tivo, I finally got the Tivo. It’s all set to record the West Wing, Ed and every baseball game and golf event this week.

  9. The Giants win the Pennant

    Too bad the Twins didn’t make it, but it’s nice to see Bonds get the post-season monkey off his back a little bit. It should be an interesting World Series. The AL team plays "national league ball" and the NL team plays "american league ball".

  10. Technical Details

    So I’m using b2 to power my blog here. I wanted a PHP/MySQL combo as the packages based on text files seemed like they could get out of hand after some time. I’m already comfortable developing in this environment, so it was an easy fit.

  11. What is a “blog”?

    It is basically an on-line journal of sorts, a form of expression that is defined by each individual blogger. According to the Jargon File 4.1.0: blog n. [common] Short for `weblog’, an on-line web-zine or diary (usually with facilities for reader comments and discussion threads) made accessible through the World Wide Web. This term is…